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  • Unicorn.egg

                       Not to long ago, two people met. As they became friends one grew stornger feelings for the other. One day she confested her love and to her surprise, the relationship worked...

                      She was the happiest girl alive, and she told her self," who wouldn't be happy witha love so strong like ours," but what came next she didn't expect, and to be honest niether did her partner...

                      The next day- first thing in the morrning- she got a text, one she least was her partner...and by what was told, she was nervious.The arranged to meet up at the nearest Starbucks, and as she sat and waited, she got another text...

                       Time past-an hour, two hours- and nothing. Just as she was abo…

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  • Unicorn.egg

    Jennifer's story

    March 22, 2015 by Unicorn.egg

                 Last week Jennifer lost her dog.She loved spending time with her dog and cared for him but she had no idea why he had ran away. Jennifer got very uncomterble in the night thinking that something bad could have happended to her dog.

               One long day- to Jennifer at least- she decided to walk to the park she took her dog to...and to her surprise there she found the only other person arrond, a boy. The park seemed empty...and froma distance Jennifer saw a dog runnig toward the boy, well young man at that. 

                The dog had a frezbee and as she got closer she noticed something familiar...Jennifer was looking in to the eyes of HER dog.

                 After that day jennifer and the boy became friends and he taught her to n…

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  • Unicorn.egg

    Wendy's Last week

    March 22, 2015 by Unicorn.egg

    Last week Wendelline, a "What people Don't Know" editor, had some trouble with friends. A boy named Kriss hacked Wendy's bffl's (Allyson's, another editor) instagram account. He was sending some of her friends mean messages with words that cannot be used. As a result, Allyson was reported on Instagram for inapropreate langueage. 

    They think Kriss only hacked her account to get revenge on Wendy and her friends because he liked Wendy and she didn't like him...

    Wendy is now recovering in the company of her closed friends, and as a result of all the pain and suffering- not only to Wendy and Allyson but to "their" victoms- this wikia was born and will be the home of many stories like this one...

    Later Cristna and Stephanie discovered that what had…

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