Last week Wendelline, a "What people Don't Know" editor, had some trouble with friends. A boy named Kriss hacked Wendy's bffl's (Allyson's, another editor) instagram account. He was sending some of her friends mean messages with words that cannot be used. As a result, Allyson was reported on Instagram for inapropreate langueage. 

They think Kriss only hacked her account to get revenge on Wendy and her friends because he liked Wendy and she didn't like him...

Wendy is now recovering in the company of her closed friends, and as a result of all the pain and suffering- not only to Wendy and Allyson but to "their" victoms- this wikia was born and will be the home of many stories like this one...

Later Cristna and Stephanie discovered that what had happend was not Allyson's fault-or Wendy's- if not the rage of a person they didn't even know existed...

Finn with stan marsh by ozzyguy-d74gywz

what you SHOULD do in a relationship

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